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Base Oils - 1 Litre

Apricot Kernel 1 Litre

£12.69 Ex Tax: £9.56

Botanical Name: Prunus ArmeniacaOrigin: Although its believed that apricots initially came from Armenia or far East, our Apricot Kernel oil is being produced in sunny Spain by cold-pressing oil-rich kernels of Apricots.Apricot Kernel oil is known to ..

Argan Oil - 1 Litre

£40.64 Ex Tax: £32.85

Botanical Name: Argania SpinosaOrigin: Argan oil is believed to be one of the rarest oils in the world, it is a robust, nutty scented oil made largely in Morocco from the nuts of the argan tree. Argan trees used to cover much of North Africa but they..

Avocado 1 Litre

£19.86 Ex Tax: £15.53

Botanical Name: Persea GratissimaOrigin: Its believed that avocados are primarily native to Mexico where Aztecs tribes used to spread the fruit on their skin and create face masks. Our Avocado oil originates from world's major avocado producer S..

Borage Oil - 1 Litre

£51.39 Ex Tax: £41.80

Botanical Name:  Borago Officinalis.Origin: The Borago plant, also known as the Starflower is native to the eastern Mediterranean region. The plant is cultivated in many parts of the world , grown  primarily in Europe and  North America. Oil is obtai..

Calendula Oil - 1 Litre

£20.58 Ex Tax: £16.13

Botanical Name:  Calendula Officinalis.Origin: France - The Calendula or Marigold plant is so widely grown that its precise origin is hard to pinpoint. It is also considered edible and the flower can be used in recipes and salads to add colour. Oil i..

Castor Oil - 1 Litre

£10.33 Ex Tax: £7.59

Botanical Name: Ricinus CommunisOrigin: Its been thought that Castor oil have been used from ancient times by Egyptian doctors to protect the eyes from irritation. Although the Caster oil is nowadays produced worldwide , the largest producer remains ..

Evening Primrose 1 Litre

£46.74 Ex Tax: £37.93

Scientific Name: Oenothera BiennisOrigin: Evening Primrose, sometimes known as Evening Star is a Biennial plant is native to North America and other temperate counties. Our Evening Primrose oil is massively produced in provinces of China from seeds o..

Fractionated Coconut 1 Litre

£21.29 Ex Tax: £16.72

Botanical Name: Cocos NuciferaOrigin: Coconut oil has been largely produced in tropical regions of Philippines for centuries often used to cure illnesses and beauty treatments. Coconut Oil in it's purest form is solid at room temperature. The pr..

Grapeseed 1 Litre

£7.90 Ex Tax: £5.56

Botanical Name:  Vitis ViniferaOrigin: Although the Grapeseed oil is native to Mediterranean regions and Asia, it is now widely produced all over the world. Our Grapeseed oil has been sourced from beautiful Italy. The oil is obtained from the kernels..

Hazelnut Oil - 1 Litre

£15.20 Ex Tax: £11.65

Botanical Name:  Corylus AvellanaOrigin: The common hazelnut is grown all over the European and Asian continents and beyond. It is primarily grown for the nut , but has also been used in Britain and Europe as hedgerows on farmland for hundreds of yea..

Hempseed 1 Litre

£20.94 Ex Tax: £16.43

Botanical Name: Cannabis sativaOrigin: Hemp plant has been used all over the world for many years. Our Hempseed oil comes from  India, but is allowed to be produced, bought, and sold for application purposes only. It is made from pressed ripened seed..

Jojoba 1 Litre

£52.82 Ex Tax: £43.00

Botanical Name: Simmondsia ChinensisOrigin: Jojoba plant originated from North America and areas of the western coast of Mexico and then from early nineties grown by farms established in the northwestern desert of Argentina. Jojoba extract was in the..

Macadamia Oil - 1 Litre

£18.07 Ex Tax: £14.04

Botanical Name: Macadamia Integrifolia.Origin: The Macadamia plant originated in Australia and have been consumed and processed by the indigenous Australians for many years. Macadamia oil  is obtained from the ripe nuts of the macadamia tree.Macadami..

Natural Vitamin E Oil - 1 Litre

£32.04 Ex Tax: £25.68

Botanical Name:  Triticum Vulgare (Tocopherol).Origin: Germany- Vitamin E is a group of fat-soluble vitamins with antioxidant effects. The best Vitamin E sources are wheat germ oil, sunflower seeds and almonds. Vitamin E oil is derived from vitamin E..

Neem Oil - 1 Litre

£13.63 Ex Tax: £10.34

Botanical Name:  Azadirachta IndicaOrigin: The Neem tree originates in India and is now being grown successfully in Northern Australia. The oils and dry extracts from the plant have been used in Ayurvedic medicines for thousands of years, and have be..

Olive Oil - 1 Litre

£9.76 Ex Tax: £7.11

Scientific Name: Olea EuropaeaOrigin: Olive oil have originated from eastern Mediterranean areas and was used for variety of purposes such as rituals,  medical ointments and lamp fuel.  One of the current largest producers of olive oil is Spain, foll..

Peach Kernel 1 Litre

£13.55 Ex Tax: £10.27

Botanical Name: Prunus Persica Origin: Our Peach Kernel oil is being largely produced in Spain , mainly in locations of Mediterranean area. It is obtained by cold pressing method where the pit (kernel) of the Peach fruit is crushed by a hydraulic pre..

Rapeseed Oil - 1 Litre

£7.33 Ex Tax: £5.08

Botanical Name:  Brassica CampestrisOrigin: Although our Rapessed oil comes from neighbouring regions of France, it is believed that the Rapeseed was first introduced into Canada from Poland during the times of war and was used for many domestic purp..

Rosehip Oil - 1 Litre

£100.12 Ex Tax: £82.41

Origin: Chile - Although the Rosehip oil is being produced in many regions of the world today,  it was believed to be primarily used by the ancient Egyptians and Native Americans for its great healing properties. Oil is extracted from the seeds of th..

Sweet Almond 1 Litre

£8.04 Ex Tax: £5.68

Botanical Name:  Prunus Amygdalu DulcisOrigin: The Almond Tree is native to the Middle East and South Asia but has since been grown in various other areas including southern Europe and the warmer parts or United States. Our Sweet Almond Base Oil is p..

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